Things I learned from Heavy Metal

When I was a kid listening to the first heavy bands I came across, Queen, Zeppelin, KISS, AC/DC and others, I saw them as “International”. When the New Wave of British Heavy Metal hit the scene with Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Motorhead and others, I knew it came from “Over There…”. In school, I learned where “Over There” was, but I struggled to figure out how to get there.

I was never good in school, I struggled with my education, so I never thought I would ever make the kind of money necessary to travel abroad and see all the exotic lands that my favorite bands came from and toured in, but I thought that if I was in a band that I would have a better chance of seeing those places.

I knew from an early age that if I was going to travel and be “International” as a musician that I couldn’t hold any prejudices. As a young kid, I made lots of mistakes, did things, said things. That’s what you do when your young and that’s what you do when you never leave your block or local town. But when you start to look at the world as a whole and that there are other people and if you are lucky enough to go out and meet them, then you can’t hold any prejudices in your heart.

When I toured with my band, Cessation Of Life, it was an unbelievable pleasure to meet people from all over the United States. I was quick to learn that each State of the United States is like its own little country with its own traditions and customs. Most of which are very fun to experience. But there were times when I realized that sometimes you run into people that are not “International”. They have never experienced anyone from outside of their town. They have never traveled and cannot or will not respect others idea’s or beliefs or different skin color, sexual preference and what ever.

The more I have traveled, the more those interactions become obvious with people of lessor tolerance.

Seeing bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Sepultura and Motley Crue, I knew those bands had been around the world. I bought their tour books at the shows that listed all the tour dates and I knew they were “International”. I knew that they had shaken hands with every color and creed.

For me, it said “These people must be tolerant of other colors and religions or whatever”. I would surely read about it in magazines if they were yelling mean things from the stage or telling fans to fuck off because of their skin color. So, without anyone having to tell me that being prejudice is bad and from that fact that none of my grandparents or parents ever behaved that way, I came to the conclusion that being “International” meant being TOLERENT of others in general.

I have had the opportunity now to have traveled around most of the United States, lived in Japan, currently living in Italy and traveling around Europe, soon to be heading to China, meeting Metal Heads where ever I go and exercising the lessons I learned not just from my parents, but the lessons I learned from the bands I worshipped as a kid.

\m/ METAL \m/

Chris Violence

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You and I have nothing in common…

An Open Letter to Donald Trump #donaldtrump

You and I could never sit at the same table. Simply put, your too much of an elitist to ever sit at a table with me.

I really don’t see the connection averaged people could possibly have to you. You have never flown on a commercial airliner or braved an airport terminal with the masses. You have never picked up a power tool, broom or rake to maintain any of your vast collection of properties. You have never stood in a line to buy food or walked through a dark neighborhood after working a 12-hour shift. You have never drunk tap water, eaten ramen noodles from a Styrofoam cup or ridden in a car that cost less than $2000.

Why? Because you were born into super wealth, which doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person, but in your case, I feel it does. I was very aware who you were as far back as the 1980’s. You were an elitist asshole then, just as you and your kids are now.

I cannot for the life of me understand why someone who is barely making ends meet think that YOU would be the answer to their problems. Why would they think that YOU would work towards improving health care for them, or the education system for them, or basic human rights for them. Your whole life has been for YOU. A selfish man who has spent a lifetime CRUSHING his competition for sport and profit all with an evil grin on your face. After all, that’s what your book “Art of the Deal” is.

The truth is, you’re the worst of the worst. The stone-cold ENEMY! Your everything I have always hated, everything I have always stood up against, everything that is wrong in this world. You’re the controlling elite with your foot on the throats of billions of people. Billions that are enslaved with debt, low paying jobs that have no chance of advancement. Enslaved by a school system that has been de-funded and gutted. You’re the leader of the very corporate system that has stolen our future for profit.

You and others like you are the enemies of all mankind.

Yeah, you and I would never sit at a table together…I don’t eat with my enemies.



It is now horribly obvious

It is now obvious that I will never live in a world of peace and calm in my life time. I have spent my entire life of nearly 50 years under the threat of annihilation. In the 70’s and 80’s it was always the “Cold War Threat”. But it’s gone way off the deep end now. Human beings are on a fatalist destiny. TV shows and movies all surround “Post-Apocalyptic” themes, “Corporate Controlled” futures, “Robot Enslaved Humanity”, “Science Run a muck” and a hundred-other dark and foreboding futures.


Heavy Metal has always been the Anti Hero of music. It’s serious subject matter and dark presence always foretold the warnings of man’s future. It was intended as a “Prevention”. An attempt to point out the horrible possibilities if we made the wrong choices.

But now we have made the wrong choices and there is little or no chance of reversing the path we are on. The corporations that are now in control will NEVER give up there power and there are no longer any “Hero’s” that can’t be bought.

Now, greedy corporate leader actually DO run the countries of the world and are creating laws and changing existing laws to benefit them. World leaders are ramping up their militaries at alarming rates. Technology and automation are quickly taking over control of vital systems. All large animals have been pressed into small tracks of land. “Wild” has nowhere left to run. The oceans are staggering under the pressure of over fishing and pollution and humanity as a whole doesn’t see this as a big enough issue to even say “Human population numbers need to be capped”.

The sheer selfishness of the human being is just astonishing. The way the modern human has both disconnected it’s self completely from all the human pioneers that were here before blows me away. The complete separation from nature is something I have trouble getting my head around.

The future is only going to get darker….Is this the future you want?



Where has our future gone?


It is becoming obvious to me that any chance of a bright future for mankind is gone. In the 1980’s there was a glimmer of hope shining through the blackness of the cold war. There was always talk that humanity would eventually scale back its weaponry and reach across the boarders to shake each other’s hand’s.

But it’s clear now that that will never happen. The pieces of shit that are running countries around the world, these old men of the baby boomer era that have but a few more years left of life are selfishly forcing the future down a path that they will never see. Through their own personal greed driven philosophy, they are making decisions that will steer not just humanity, but all other helpless life on this planet, from the largest elephant to the lowly mold. And most of these “Men” will never live to see the outcome of their decisions. Greed is now the only device steering the world and it’s a power struggle of countries to gain as much of that control as they can, at any cost. It’s now clear that humans will never work together for any grand scheme to make life for all better.

Marketing departments are working around the clock to capture more and more of your attention. Exploiting weaknesses in the human mind to reel you in with one purpose and that is to get their hands on your money. And not just to get your money, but to get you addicted to “THINGS YOU NEED” and trick you into working longer hours to earn more and more money to spend it on these “THINGS YOU NEED”. In effect, you are trading your life, in the form of unnecessary time spent at work, just so you can trade that money earned for these “THINGS”. How much do you really need? How many hours per week do you have to work to feed, clothe and house yourself? If you cut out the internet bill, cable/satellite TV bill, car payment, credit card interest rates, car insurance, cell phone monthly bill, cell phone purchase payment and all the other luxury items that are marketed to you. You would only need to spent 20-30 hours a week earning that. All these other hours spent at work are a complete waste. A hamster wheel that spins into eternity or until you are dead. After your current cell phone is paid off in two years, the next “New One” will be dangled in front of your face and your weak mind will fall for it again, spending $699, $799, $899. You will make payments for the next two years on top of the monthly access charge. All that money is a total throw away. At the end, there is nothing to show for all those hours spent at work. Other than a pile of dead technology. On average, people are paying nearly $100 per month on a cell phone and data plan, add in the cost of paying off an $800 cell phone in two years and you have lost $2000 in one year times every year. $2000 a year is a vacation!

Add in a monthly TV bill of $65 per month, that’s $780 per year and your cell bill and your throwing away almost $3K on services you don’t need and services that will never end. A hamster wheel that keeps you running and working harder than you need too.

There are things that are rarely spoken about in our modern age. One of them is the manipulation of our minds by large tech companies that are getting people addicted to their products with tiny rewards. Little endorphin releases that never stop. Humanity is moving ever faster towards an all-electric future, but it’s also an all synthetic future. And an all manipulated future.

When was the last time you went a full 24 hours without your phone?

Or a week?

Or a month?

It’s almost unthinkable…. why? Because it’s an addiction!


Why are American’s so easy to manipulate?

While doing research for the song “BURNING CHILDREN I spent some time looking at the history of the educational system in the United States. In short, it goes something like this….

The current public education system in the United States was built after world war two. The prosperity that follow the war funded the building of much of the infrastructure that is still in use today, starting in the late 1940’s and lasting through the early 1960’s.

Money was dumped into the education system set in place with strong “American Values” that we will be a strong nation built on the back bone of the next generation. That generation being my parents or the “Baby Boomers” as they have been called.

But the budget of the public education system began seeing it’s first leveling off around the time my parents graduated high school in 1961. By the mid 1970’s when I was in elementary school, my mother was fighting along side the PTA (parent teachers association) to prevent the continual public school financial cut backs. Since the mid 1970’s the education system has been continually de-funded. Much like all government funded public programs in the United States. Politicians have seen these money allocated systems as a place to grab money from. A little here and a little here until they have broken the backs of the systems making the unless. In the late 1980’s Ronald Regan invented a word called “DeInstitutionalization” where he shut down the nations mental health care hospitals nation wide essentially putting all the mentally ill on the street. The homeless epidemic in the United States can trace it’s way directly back to this moment along with many of the outrageous violent crimes in recent years due to the fact that the United States has little metal health opportunities. (see 2012 Aurora shooting)

From the 1970’s through the 1990’s I personally watched the public school system decline into a shell of it’s former self. I have two grown children, both of which went through the public school system with them graduating in the early 2000’s. I can say from experiencing the system myself and then seeing what it had to offer my kids, that it is nothing more than a place for parents to dump their kids during the day so they can go to work. Teachers are not being paid what they deserve and many schools aren’t properly fully staffed with accredited personnel. There is little or no budget for maintenance of supplies.

When the education system standards are allowed to fall too, or more than likely intentionally pushed down to this level, it is inevitable that the intelligence of the population falls with it.

My point to all this is…

The stupider the people, the easier they are to manipulate. With the super rich now firmly in control of the country, whose children are far insulated from the public school system, the control of the population is much easier.

Boomers Once Led the World in Education. What Happened?

The latest ranking of top countries in math, reading, and science is out — and the US didn’t crack the top 10


It makes me sick…

As an American citizen, born and raised, I can’t tell you how sickened I am at the quick decay of my country. It saddens me greatly to see the people of the United States so horribly polarized. RED or BLUE. Minds on both sides completely slammed shut to the ideas and feelings of their fellow man.

The line has been drawn and hate rules the day.

I have always considered myself a free thinker. I am not red or blue. Each time an election comes up I try to see if there is a lesser evil worth voting for. But each time the choices look worse and worse.

I want to publicly say that I think Donald Trump is a walking toilet of hate, prejudice and pure ignorance. I will never recognize this man as the president of the United States and will never show him any level of respect.

His foul mouth has driven an already deep spike of divide even deeper between the people of the world, weakening our country and making the American people look like even bigger fools.

The final two straws for me to say I can never respect this man in any way shape or form came when he pulled out of the Paris Accord essentially dooming the future health of the world for PROFIT and his complete and utter disregard of the NATO treaty.

Donald Trump is a fool, he is an embarrassment and he is weakening the safety of not just the United States, but all of Western Society.

Chris Violencethumb-down-smiley