In Speed We Trust

Work has begun on a brand new Speed Thrash track entitled IN SPEED WE TRUST.  I am once again working with Jon Du Dose to develop the song. Jon already has guitar tracks laid down which he will follow later with bass. We are also working with Matheus Manente who will contribute live drums, rhythm, lead guitars, mixing and mastering.

No final date is set, other than later this year. Stay tuned! – CV



So, this is the future huh?

It is hard to even look at the sad state of the world right now. It’s like some bullshit bad dream. The Metal Festival Rock am Ring in Germany had to be shut down for a day do too a terrorist threat, the bombings at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester and London vehicle attacks.  Ancient religions that have no purpose in the modern world are using modern weapons and tools to spread hatred and death. Technology pushing into places that have no positive purpose (Voice Imitation SoftwareReal-time Face Capture and Reenactment). Ridiculous politicians claiming there is no climate change while the scientific community has over whelming indisputable evidence, corporations grotesquely raping and enslaving the population for greed and profit.


Last night I re-watched the original BLADE RUNNER. It was a dystopian view of a possible future. It was released in 1982. It was set in 2019 with the “Replicants” being the enemy human / robot / killers built in 2016/2017. It is eerie to see how sick and black our future has actual become.

These greedy fools who are playing with the world like it is some toy, building more weapons and manipulating the economy like it’s all a toy are fucking us all!

I don’t see any possible future that does not include slipping further and further down the rabbit hole. There are no hero’s in government that are going to stave off the greedy corporations and nature doesn’t have much more time.

Our children are fucking FUCKED!dystopia1

Back to writing/recording

Work has begun on a brand new song, working once again with long time friend Jon Du Bose.

The idea for these lyrics came to me last summer and I have been tinkering with them, writing and rewriting them ever since. I passed the idea along to Jon who said he was interested in seeing if we could put it together.

I recently moved from Southern California to Naples, Italy. Which took the better part of six months when all was said and done. Some of the things I’ve been dealing with revolve around the voltage differences. I knew it would be an issue using some of my gear. But thankfully, I was able to work through it.

There are a few things I want to do differently before I record this next song.

Number one, I want to warm up my voice in a live setting, prior to laying down tracks. Since the American Ripper album in 2014, everything I have recorded (Push Button Pain, The Raven and the 3 tracks I did with Axsaena) were all recorded with out full volume warm up’s. Just headphones and a mic. I simply wrote the lyrics as I recorded it as opposed to writing, performing those lyrics live for a period of time, honing them to the music and then recording them once they have melted together.

This time around will be very different. I now have my floor monitors set up feeding me full volume, with the new music that is being written pumping through the monitors. This allows me the opportunity to scream at full power during the writing process, which is something I haven’t done since 2012.

I have also been vocalizing to about 40 minutes worth of music per day, screaming songs from the American Ripper album and the Axsaena tracks to really get the power back.

Interestingly, even though I haven’t actually stepped out onto a stage in 6 years, my vocal strength and power is still all there. Maybe 85-90%. I can already see, with a little time and effort, I should be running with full afterburners in no time.

Which brings me back to this new song…

There is no time frame, no planned date. Probably some special guests. Jon and I are in daily communication, hammering out idea’s.  Looking forward to getting this out to the world.

Keep Thrashin’ \m/\m/


CV in Europe
Chris Violence atop the Eiffel Tower, Paris France

Devastated to hear about Chris Cornell

Although I was never a fan of the grunge movement, Soundgarden, to me, was far bigger than all of that. Closer to Metal than everything else from Seattle at the time, his voice was the only inspiration I got from that era. But his time with Audioslave was my favorite. Powerful, meaningful lyrics mixed with his undeniable vocal control. A master of the distorted vocals. So sad to hear of his passing.

That moment in history all over again

That moment in history all over again.

A mere 75 years ago, just the length of my father’s life, the length of one human life, the world was fighting Adolf Hitler in what was considered one of the darkest times in modern history. Nearly every reference to the name Adolf Hitler has been mirrored with a “What If” statement. Throughout my life, I have watched movies, TV shows and even video games make references to a world “that might have been”, if there was no such thing as Adolf Hitler.

Following the collapse of Wall Street in 1929 and the great depression that followed (brought on by man’s greed and theft by the way) the United States was crawling its way back. Where could it and the rest of the world have climbed too if Hitler and his hatred had not run the world into war and set it on a path that split all the nations into fragments, building up the cold war and eventually to where we are now. For obvious reasons, we will never know, but that question and has been raised over and over again. This one man, Hitler, negatively impacted the world so horrifically, that it’s legacy will be one of those turning points of which we can never recover from. Mankind will continue down this alternate path never knowing what it’s “Unified Potential” could have been. And yet time and time again, I have heard in my life time “What if we could go back in time and KILL HITLER!” Would it make any difference? Would humanity still develop his technology to move forward without it all based on weaponization and use it to honestly help make people’s lives better? It has been proposed countless times “If we had a time machine, we could go back and kill Hitler to set the path straight”. But, again, for obvious reasons, this can’t been done. But for a moment, just think. All it would have taken was for any one of his guards to have simply raised a pistol to the back of his head and any time in all those years and blown his brains out. Someone just standing strong and saying, “This needs to be done”.

And yet, we are here again. One man, a VILE MAN, is steering humanity in ways no single human being should be able to do.  We are currently on the presuppose yet again. This is that very moment, that 75 years from now humans will look back on and say “Fuck, we should have KILLED that son of a bitch!”. This is the black on the edge of the chasm of which we are all now falling into. Like with the future that Adolf Hitler so selfishly cast us into, Donald Trump now does the same. But unlike with Hitler, one bullet will not stop the atrocities that are taking place right now. It would need to be enough bullets to kill the entire Republican party and the entire distorted version of the modern Christian faith that is the driving force behind their greed.

What humanity is looking at, with Paul Ryan, Mike Pence and Donald Trump is the Great White Christian Reich. There is NO difference between this level of “Religious ‘Values’ Politics” and Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. There is NONE!

The men running the United States at this very moment are the enemies of the future. They are the greatest slave owners in history and they have only one purpose and that is to STEAL THE LAST TINY BIT OF MONEY that is left in the United States and then exit it as it falls.

It will be this very fork in the road, this moment RIGHT NOW that will be the next great lesson that will be spoken about in the “After”, in the “Post American Era”, in the “Collapse”.

I will not see the other side of these men’s actions. I will not live long enough to see the crimes these men are committing reversed. I don’t believe there is a brighter future. The future is BLADE RUNNER. The future is MAD MAX. The future is the choking blackness of a dying corpse. The future is all plants and other animals fighting to stay alive in spite of the human plague at is determined to drag them all down with it.

Right now, is the end of nature. Every breath of air you breath, no matter where you stand on this planet, now has some level of pollutants in it. Every ounce of ocean water and every glass of water you drink has some level of man made contamination. Every handful of surface soil tests positive for lead, a left over from burning leaded gasoline in automobiles of the 1970’s. All the food you eat has been altered in some fashion, even if you grow that food yourself, you are using seeds you bought which have been modified over the last 50 years. Everything you see on a glass embedded screen like the one you are using to read this can manipulate what goes into your eyes, all the sounds you hear like the music I make is all synthetic. All your surroundings, from the city to the plowed fields of the countryside have all be touched by man, leaving “No Stone Un-turned”.  NATURE IS DEAD and the men who are ringing the last gasps out of it still have their hands around its neck.

I think it’s time to do the same to them! AT ANY COST! They want Black, lets give’m BLACK!

Divided Lines

Science has already proven that humans are basically prewired to be one side or the other in terms of political and religious views. Fighting your point to the opposition is not only a waste of time, it’s a fast way to lose a friend, family member or even your teeth.

This is probably the most agonizing part of watching people in this modern world. A friend of mine once said “They put curtains on polling booths for a reason”. And that’s very true. Just 30 years ago people knew better than to argue about who you were voting for. You simply pulled the curtain back, threw the switch and got a little sticker that said ‘I Voted”.

But today, with the good ‘ol internet, everyone thinks their going to convert the other side. And while the masses play that game, the old adage “Divide and Conquer” rings ever truer.

The question you may want to ask yourself is not what team you root for politically or which version of the “God” you were taught about, but more about what you can do to change this world on your own.

It doesn’t seem like there is much that a single person can do, but there are a few things your in control of…

  1. Looking at the political world, regardless of what side your on, you may feel helpless. You can’t take on the whole system. But you can pick out one political leader, be it a congressman, senator, governor, mayor or local city planner and focus on just them. Learn about them, get their contact information and focus your energy like a laser. Make sure they know who you are. Pound them to the very edge of what is legal. Counter them on twitter and facebook. Find other citizens with similar political views (fuck trying to convert the nonbelievers) and build a team to work on that one person. Hammer them repeatedly day after day, month after month, year after year and once they know you are there THREATEN THEM WITH REMOVAL FROM OFFICE! Make them understand that you will do everything in your power, with your organizational ties to haul them out of office and end their political career AND THEIR INCOME! Make them understand that the plush lifestyle they have come to enjoy will come to an abrupt end if they don’t start putting the people before the corporation. Because in the end, politicians are only afraid of one thing and that is losing that seat and power. Corporations and lobbyists are also threatening them with the very same thing. That’s why politician’s fold to the will of corporations (that and the fat cash they get). Politicians rely on the fact that everyone in society is so divided right now. But if you pick just ONE, you can HAMMER THEM LIKE THE HEAD OF A NAIL!
  2.  If your sick of the vile behavior of religious fanatic’s in this modern world, simply don’t teach religion to your children. That’s it! Look, ancient religions deserve props for helping humanity get out of the dark ages. The 10 commandments were good basic rules that kept people from stealing and killing, but this is the modern world and we are a modern people. If you are the parents of children right now, would you give them a computer from 1998 with Windows 95 on it? Do you think teaching them how to use that computer would give them a competitive edge to survive in this modern age (assuming you give a fuck about your kids and want them to be successful). By simply not passing that old bull shit to your kids, you stop this perpetual nonsense and in one generation of humans it’s gone! DONE! This is something you control. You hold the cards. You can still teach your children to be good people and respect others. After all, that is your job as a parent!
  3. The most important thing any person can do in the modern world is be a decent person to the stranger next to you. We live in a world that’s easy to snipe people from behind a keyboard or flip someone off from our little metal and glass coffins while we speed down the highway. Always remember that the people at the other end of the screen or in the other car is being crushed under the same weight as you. By not leaving a shitty comment on YouTube or by simply letting someone merge in traffic EVEN IF THEY DIDN’T USE A TURN SIGNAL without blowing a fucking gasket are things you can do that makes things better. Wake up, look in the mirror every day and say “I’M NOT GOING TO BE A FUCKING DICK TODAY!

We are now at the end of the old world. We are at the end of boarders. The end of purebred humans. The future will be without boarders and will mixed bl0od lines, skin colors and sexual preferences. There is no reason for you to worry about what the person next to you on the train is doing with their genitals in their personal time any more than they should worry about what you do with yours. You have no right to push your religious, political or sexual preferences on others. By simply turning off the news and stepping side, you will find in as little as a few days, that your mind will clear and your tolerance of others will calm and in turn your own happiness will improve.

If you focus your energies in the right direction, you can gain more control over your own life and your world instead of trying to take on the whole fight alone.

Hard to not have an opinion…

As a rule of thumb I have always felt that musicians and actors generally give up their rights to voice their political or religious views in order to maximize their fan base. It’s easy to offended and turn off fans and I for one don’t like hearing a musician’s opinions mostly because their “Job” is to entertain and not preach. But we are people too and we have opinions and in some cases, can mobilize others into action.

With that said, it’s hard to look at this world and not be offended and vocal.

There are a few things I do want to say about this modern life I find myself living in.

When my grandfather was in his mid-80’s I asked him if he thought the world was in a better place now, compared to when he fought in world war two. Keeping in mind, it was around 1995-ish when I asked him. I was so surprised when he told me how disgusted he was and felt the world was in a terrible condition. Greed, crime, obscene behavior in the White House (referring to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski) to name just a few. All those things look like child’s play compared to the mess we are in now. I can imagine him just throwing up if he could see what he risked his life on the battle field for.

As a boy in junior high and high school is when I really dug my teeth into Heavy Metal. In 1980-86 I was drawn to the bands of the day, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Triumph, Rush, and the Scorpions. All these bands had common threads regarding their lyrics. They were contemporary bands singing about the subjects of the times. The cold war of the 1980’s led to Electric Eye, 2 Minutes to Midnight, War Pigs, Allied Forces, Distant Early Warning, Winds of Change. My generation was the first generation of humans born in the shadow of the nuclear bomb. My parents were the last people born before a bomb had been dropped. Every waking moment of my life has been shadowed by impending doom. When will the enemies of the United States attack?

Yet, in the 1980’s while we lived under the threat that intercontinental ballistic missiles could be just 30 minutes away, there was also a positive side to the future. A possible future filled with the promises of disarmament and new emerging technologies. Advancements to make our lives better and fix some of our lingering issues. When the Belin wall fell, for a short blink of an eye, there was a future.

But that changed with 9/11, George Bush, Enron, the repeal of The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, Bernie Maddoff and the crash of 2007. Since those moments, all of society has been spiraling down.

I call this time period the RESLAVRIFICATION OF THE HUMAN RACE.

The wondrous promises of a future filled with technology that would benefit our lives has been replaced with a vile intrusive invasion of space brought on by “For Profit” tech. A never-ending onslaught of advertising in every conceivable fashion in every public and private space. It’s literally impossible to escape it. I pay for internet and television service and yet these companies still think it’s ok to slaughter my senses, forcing their products in my face. Every public space is filled with billboards, electronic message signs, video displays all belching a vomitus stream of useless “Latest / Greatest” disposable profit streams.  When the fuck is enough enough?

Mankind has wondered for millennia “What is the meaning of life?”. Well it’s clear. The meaning of life is GREED at any cost. It’s not about being good. It’s not about a higher thought process. We are not building a world that is making the human life more vibrant, colorful, interesting or fulfilling. The meaning of life is to STAB VIOLENTLY at the human next to you for profit. Fuck the environment, fuck the future, fuck the present! MORE MORE MORE FOR ME ME ME! It’s no longer ok to have a few nice things and a healthy family. In fact, those things have NO VALUE!

The male human being used to have a purpose. His job was protecting and providing for his family. But the lawyers and local police department along with the corporate farming system took care of those parts of his life.

Now the modern male is brainwashed into thinking about acquiring more and more STUFF. Victims of an involuntary human weakness/reaction of scientific product placements. Now a man is NOTHING without Air Jordon’s, iPhones, Bugatti Veyron’s and all the other needless trash that is the preverbal carrot hanging in your face (aka data screen). It never fucking stops!

Something I find extremely interesting is the fact that if you attempt to put yourself between a human and their electronic device (computer, cell phone, TV), they will fight you and defend the gadget! If someone is mindlessly burning the hours away on their cell phone playing candy crush they will get pissed and lash out if asked to put it down. They defend the electronics and fight with the human.

The fragmentation of our society is another newer invention of this modern world. It is no longer possible to put 10 people in a room where even half of them will have the same “enough” opinion on politics, religion, the state of the economy all the way down to the simplest trivial things. People are ready to argue over everything. The separation down religious lines, political “arm chair quarterbacking”, racial equality all the way down to Apple vs Samsung have torn the fabric of our society apart.

Less than 25 years ago, news outlets were policed by society and called out when they got it wrong. Now the onslaught of full on bull shit “news” flies across the grotesque wasteland of Facebook and twitter with ZERO fact checking or legitimacy. All into the waiting eyes of the “Jackass” generation in “mid-neck break” while filming for their YouTube channel.

My grandfather’s generation has been called “The greatest generation” of all time. If that’s true, then I have to say “The Greatest Generation’s” kids are without a doubt the biggest pieces of shit to ever inhabit the earth. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents, but their generation are god damned fucking thieves! The people who are 60+ are the ones who built this system of modern enslavement. They built the modern weapons systems that will threaten humanity till the end AND CAN NEVER BE REMOVED. They invented the machinery that pollutes, the credit trap that robs and the never ending – never owning “mortgage trap” which is essentially renting from a bank. Because of them, no one will ever own a home again. The property game has been returned to the 12th century. They’ve pressed on against rational and solid scientific evidence. They’ve pushed forward for GREED to have all for the few. And I say Fuck very one of them!

To every mother fucker who has held any sort of political office in the last 50 years, FUCK YOU. I hold you 1000% responsible for where we are now! You never used your position in office to HELP anyone but yourselves and it had sent us down an irreversible path where only GREED governs. For every back-door hand shake, every lobbyist payment, every time you sold us down the river to line your own pocket, FUCK YOU! To every cunt-corporate CEO, every person holding a seat on the board of directors who have raised a toast to your mastery of theft against your own fellow human, FUCK YOU!

I hope I live long enough to see society break down to the point where these pieces of shit are hunted down in the streets. When hunger snaps the average person into a blood thirsty killer that finally stops protesting on Wall Street with their stupid little signs and start busting through the tall polished gates in the Hampton’s. I look forward to watching billionaires and their children dragged lifeless and bloody down their ½ miles long drive ways knowing full well WHY THIS IS HAPPENING. I hope I live to see politicians everywhere in this world beg for their lives, whimpering and crying (think Saddam Hussain and Muammar Gaddafi), pleading for their captors to have compassion, only for the video clip to end with their brains splattered. I hope I live long enough to see the police and military side with their countrymen, friends and neighbors and not with the tiny number of faceless corporate cunts hiding behind a lawyer and lobbyist or a career politician who has never had to live check to check.

And just so your clear, I am NOT red or blue, left or right. I am NOT for this god or that god. To me that’s all bull shit. I didn’t have a choice of what color I was born or what piece of soil I was birthed on. I consider myself a human of earth. An earthling and a free man. I flat out refuse to be marketed too, bought, sold or owned by any company, country, religion or person and I am giving notice to any mother fucker that tries.

No matter how much technology human beings have at their disposal, nothing will ever change. The rich and powerful will always do everything they can to keep the masses down and the masses will ALWAYS have to reply with SWIFT AND BLINDING VIOLENCE! I think the intersection of the next great revolution; a global revolution is just down the highway.

It’s time to fight to be free.