July 23rd on Chris Violence’s Traveling Damnation Show

July 23rd on Chris Violence’s Traveling Damnation Show:

It’s set to be a MONSTROUS Wednesday night on Kosher Metal. I will be interviewing guitar mastermind MAXXXWELL CARLISLE of HELLION as well as spinning his newest tracks!

I will also be giving you a taste of what to expect from the THROWBACK METAL FESTIVAL August 1st & 2nd by playing 4 bands on the bill KANTATION, RESISTANCE, NINTH CIRCLE and NIGHT DEMON. More info at http://www.kantation.com/throwbackmetalfest/

I’ll be diving deeper into my own album AMERICAN RIPPER by playing a few more tracks prior to the official full release. More info at http://www.chrisviolence.com/

We’re also going to go on a trip through time in Chris’ Classic Corner as we take a closer look at Saxon with tracks from their storied career all the way up to their 2013 SACRIFICE album.

Tune in and join me in the chat room from 8 – 10 pm this Wednesday night on http://koshermetal.com/


Thank you to LORDS OF THE TRIDENT vocalist Fang VonWrathenstein

I want to thank  LORDS OF THE TRIDENT vocalist Fang VonWrathenstein for taking time to call into the Traveling Damnation Show. I will be playing more from them in the weeks to come. I highly recommend you check out their website at http://www.LordsOfTheTrident.com

July 23rd, I will have Maxxxwell Carlisle on the show! We going to get a crash course in Carlisle and crank up some tracks!

In the next few days I will post more details!

I also want to thank Frank from Ninth Circle for calling in as well and in helping promote the Throwback Metal Fest Aug 1st – 2nd in Apple Valley, Ca. Two days of Metal $15.
Got to http://www.ThrowbackMetalFest.com for more details

See you next Wednesday 8-10pm Pacific time on http://www.KosherMetal.com

Traveling Damnation Show: July 16th

July 16th, 2014 on Brother Chris Violence’s Traveling Damnation Show:

I start my new weekly band interview series with LORDS OF THE TRIDENT vocalist Fang VonWrathenstein. We’ll go into depth on the bands origins, new music and up coming shows! Their official website is http://lordsofthetrident.com/ I’ll also be playing music from their new album PLAN OF ATTACK

I’ll be digging out some good lo’ Drinking Metal songs in Chris’ Classic Metal Corner as well as playing more tracks from my up coming album AMERICAN RIPPER. Tune in this Wednesday from 8-10pm on www.KosherMetal.com

LOTT - Logo 1

Kris Ugarriza - Red Wave Pictures

LOTT - Plan of Attack ep

I feel so bad for the modern DJ today

It seems the further we walk down the road the worse FM radio seems to get. From time to time I’ll hop in the car for a short run to the liquor store and every now and then I will actually turn on the radio. It’s the same thing, time after time and I know as I’m pushing the “On” button that I will soon be disappointed.

Preset #1, commercial, preset #2, commercial. Then I hit the scan button…the stereo searches and then finds a station, commercial, NEXT, crappy pop channel playing Robin Thicke for the 9 trillionth time, NEXT, commercial, NEXT, Robin Thicke again. WTF!

By now I’m at my destination, I click the “Off” button, not to repeat this process again for another two months.

It’s fucking sad. Even if I do manage to find a station that might have an actual guitar on it, it’s some worn out Zeppelin song or Bad Company or some shit like that and the saddest part of it are all the DJ’s. I feel so bad for the modern DJ today. They are the human amongst the robots, pointless in their use, needless in their ability, knowing they have no real job, just trying to collect a pay check in a field that used to have a purpose.

Since the dawn of radio, the DJ played a poignant roll at the station. They pulled albums from the vast rooms of LP’s; they designed their show’s format and helped mold the trends. They discovered the next hits and helped field the industries new talents.  But those days are long gone. Now, much like the robot lawyers at the record companies, they have no real purpose. Yeah, they still lead the next block of songs or commercials and they somehow have to sound thrilled to hear “Blurred Lines” again, by they have no soul. Just another gear in the transmission, having their flesh crushed under the weight of the machine, blood and guts squeezed between the moving parts.

With the death of Casey Kasem comes the death of all DJ’s. DJ, stands for Disc Jockey. There are no discs and there is nothing to Jock Up! The Auto DJ 5000 chooses 1 of 200 songs that will be played in a vile never ending commercial designed and micro managed simply to pick your wallet. Nothing more and nothing less, FM radio is a marketing tool carefully orchestrated to separate you from your money. If you are fool enough to turn it on then you are subjecting yourself to the subconscious pick pocketing that these machines were manipulated to do and that’s TAKE!

This brings me to my show on Kosher Metal, a show without commercial influence, a show without the Auto DJ 5000 and a show that has little or no outside influence.

Like the days gone by, I pick songs that I would want to hear on FM radio. Songs that if I could get in my car, turn the key and go for a drive, this is what I would want to hear.

I never play a song I haven’t heard before. I never play a song that I have been told to play by management (as if someone at Kosher Metal would ever do such a thing, LUDACRIS!). I simply play what ROCKS!

In the end, FM is not only dead, it’s been dead for decades and it’s never coming back. The good thing is, you don’t have to be part of that shit. You can simply download the Kosher Metal app to your phone, or the Tune In app and search for Kosher Metal and listen through your car stereo while streaming. No Robin Thicke, no bullshit commercials for lawyers or used cars or local dentists or Walmart or McDonalds…JUST MUSIC and for that matter, JUST METAL! The way it’s supposed to be!

Tune in to:
Chris Violence’s Traveling Damnation Show,
Wednesday’s from 8-10pm

Mealocity with Steven Steel & Stack the Ripper
Thursday’s from 8-10pm


And yes, this was just a commercial…SUCKER!

Chris Violence

New album press release


The new album from Chris Violence AMERICAN RIPPER is complete and nearing release. The new album features Bassist/Guitarist Jon DuBose (Cessation Of Life, Death Benefit, Terran System Death) and Lead Guitarist Jamie Page (Trinity, Black Alice). It is a collection of 8 song’s totaling more than 40 minutes of Speed, Thrash, Doom and Death Metal. Album art work created by Will C Photography.

No release date has been set as of now, but a small selection of songs will be debuted Thursday July 10th on Kosher Metal radio http://www.koshermetal.com on the METALOCITY radio show. Chris Violence will be in studio with host’s Steven Steel and Stack the Ripper. You can also join them in the chatroom at KosherMetal.com.

For more information visit www.ChrisViolence.com.

Please send inquiries to info@chrisviolence.com


The new album is DONE!

The new album is finished! After almost a years worth of work by Jon DuBose, Jamie Page and myself it is finally finished. There is still no release date, but that information will come soon enough. Stick around as I will be debuting a brand new song on my radio show on Kosher Metal (www.koshermetal.com) in the next few weeks.

The best way I can describe this album is it is a 2 hour journey in just of 43 minutes. It is a mixture of Speed, Doom and Death Metal that is punishing, dimensional, grinding, mean and powerful. Even though it was a lot of work, it was an amazing journey to create and I’m looking forward to releasing it out to the world.

Stay tuned as details will be released soon.

Chris Violence