August 6th on the Traveling Damnation Show

This week on Brother Chris Violence’s Traveling Damnation Show:

INTERVIEW: Brandon Baumann, vocalist for DIAMOND LANE. We’ll talk touring, the new album “Terrorizer” and what fans can expect from a DL show PLUS I’ll be playing songs from the new album!

Tune in Wednesday from 8-10pm (pacific) on

Diamond Lane


By The Grace of U.S. Metal

The new track AMERICAN RIPPER added to the “By The Grace of U.S. Metal” compilation album from METAL TO INFINITY

Bands on the bill include:

Attacker, Vermithrax, Crimson Reign, Worwyk, Lords Of The Trident, Skinner, The Mighty Swine, Cage, Diamond Lane, Lady Beast, Archetype, Maxxxwell Carlisle, Dire Peril, Ravensthorn, Steve Cone, Hellscream and many more.

More Details at:

By The Grace Of US Metal-small

July 30th on Chris Violence’s Traveling Damnation Show:

July 30th on Chris Violence’s Traveling Damnation Show:

This week I will be interviewing Norman Skinner of the bands – Skinner, Dire Peril and Hellscream as well as spinning his tracks.


I’ll also be digging deeper into the Throwback Metal Fest band line up with more songs from Kantation, War Within, Resistance and Night Demon.
Details here:

This week in Chris’ Classic Metal Corner I will be focusing in on John Arch of Fates Warning.

I’ll also be spinning never before heard songs from my new album AMERICAN RIPPER, this time around we’ll be having a listen to the DOOM METAL section of the record.

Tune in and join me in the chat room from 8 – 10 pm this Wednesday night on

July 23rd on Chris Violence’s Traveling Damnation Show

July 23rd on Chris Violence’s Traveling Damnation Show:

It’s set to be a MONSTROUS Wednesday night on Kosher Metal. I will be interviewing guitar mastermind MAXXXWELL CARLISLE of HELLION as well as spinning his newest tracks!

I will also be giving you a taste of what to expect from the THROWBACK METAL FESTIVAL August 1st & 2nd by playing 4 bands on the bill KANTATION, RESISTANCE, NINTH CIRCLE and NIGHT DEMON. More info at

I’ll be diving deeper into my own album AMERICAN RIPPER by playing a few more tracks prior to the official full release. More info at

We’re also going to go on a trip through time in Chris’ Classic Corner as we take a closer look at Saxon with tracks from their storied career all the way up to their 2013 SACRIFICE album.

Tune in and join me in the chat room from 8 – 10 pm this Wednesday night on

Thank you to LORDS OF THE TRIDENT vocalist Fang VonWrathenstein

I want to thank  LORDS OF THE TRIDENT vocalist Fang VonWrathenstein for taking time to call into the Traveling Damnation Show. I will be playing more from them in the weeks to come. I highly recommend you check out their website at

July 23rd, I will have Maxxxwell Carlisle on the show! We going to get a crash course in Carlisle and crank up some tracks!

In the next few days I will post more details!

I also want to thank Frank from Ninth Circle for calling in as well and in helping promote the Throwback Metal Fest Aug 1st – 2nd in Apple Valley, Ca. Two days of Metal $15.
Got to for more details

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Traveling Damnation Show: July 16th

July 16th, 2014 on Brother Chris Violence’s Traveling Damnation Show:

I start my new weekly band interview series with LORDS OF THE TRIDENT vocalist Fang VonWrathenstein. We’ll go into depth on the bands origins, new music and up coming shows! Their official website is I’ll also be playing music from their new album PLAN OF ATTACK

I’ll be digging out some good lo’ Drinking Metal songs in Chris’ Classic Metal Corner as well as playing more tracks from my up coming album AMERICAN RIPPER. Tune in this Wednesday from 8-10pm on

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