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Chris Violence has been in the Metal scene since the early 1990’s, most notably as the vocalist for the band Cessation Of Life for 18 years. Now forging a solo career along with long time collaborator Jon Dubose (Cessation Of Life, Death Benefit, Terran System Death). The first album to come from the CV camp is the 2014 release, AMERICAN RIPPER a mix of Classic Speed Thrash, mixed with Doom and Death. AMERICAN RIPPER also features Australian lead guitar hero Jamie Page (Trilogy, Black Alice) on four of the eight tracks on the album. With decades of touring, many albums and countless shows under his belt, he has released an album that culminates a lifetime of work. Blistering Speed Metal, Grinding Doom Metal and haunting messages. Chris Violence also hosted a weekly radio show, “Chris Violence’s Traveling Damnation Show” in 2014-2015 on where he gave unsigned Metal act’s a chance to be heard as well as respecting the roots of Metal with his segment “Chris’ Classic Metal Corner”. A mix of contemporary Metal releases and interviews round out the show. Not one to stand still Chris Violence and Jon DuBose are already working hard on new songs, with much of the new music completed and vocal tracks started. Songs are being released as free downloadable singles throughout the year. Check often for details.

Guns and the Hobby Void

There are no denying human beings have come a long way in the last 1000 years, 100 years and even 40 years. The speed of development is simply staggering. But in the pursuit of the future, certain human traits and behaviors that have been with us for tens of thousands of years are hampering our current activity and, in my opinion, they are not being addressed.

The human male, since the dawn of time has had certain responsibilities that have be stripped from them in recent years.

Modern males no longer have the responsibility of taking care of their families. Thanks to our governments, we are supposed to leave that to the police and criminal justice system. If someone breaks into our house, we are instructed to not fight them, because “They have rights too”. Defending our family is now the responsibility of the police. As a man, my job is only to use the phone to call the people responsible for handling that for me.

Modern men are also no longer responsible for providing our families with food. In the past we foraged for food, hunted or farmed. But those jobs have also been removed from our control. Only a tiny percentage of humans now hunt for their dinner. Most humans have been forced off their farms and into large urban areas and cities so that massive industrial farming corporations can dominate the land. Working in conjunction with banks, they have successfully foreclosed on peoples properties that have been in their family for generations. These industrial super farms churn out GMO foods that are borderline poison while systematically robbing the “Men” of this world of yet another responsibility.

Lastly, shelter is now provided through large scale track home production and mortgage slavery removing yet another responsibility, providing a safe place to raise a family.

The male’s roll has then been switched to a cubical or retail position which in turn trades hours of investment into payments to the bank holding the mortgage, the industrial farm providing the food and all the other unnecessary leaches that make up the other pay check draining bills.

So, without the need to provide, the modern male has limited outlets on which to use his 20,000-year-old skills on.


Modern men have replaced all their duties / responsibilities with “Hobbies”.

  • Classic car collecting and restoration.
  • Sky diving
  • Fishing
  • Sports
  • Motorcycle riding
  • Gun collecting


The interesting thing about “Hobbies” is, men will double down on them. In the void of the “Real responsibilities” of taking care of their families, all of which have been stripped of them, they now apply the LIFE-THREATENING SERIOUSNESS of raising and feeding a family to the hobby lifestyle.

The hobby of __________ (fill in the blank) is now as serious as foraging for food, providing shelter or protecting their family.

“If you don’t ride a Harley Davidson, your shit!”
“If you’re not a Cowboys fan your shit!”
“If you don’t drive a Chevy, it’s shit”
“2nd amendment, my right to bear arms!”

This last one regarding the 2nd amendment is a very interesting one. The collecting of guns, under the muse that its “MY RIGHT UNDER THE LAW” is the ultimate in “hobbying” because its backed up by a law and not just any law. It is backed up the Constitution of the United States.

In the vacuum of “responsibilities” men become massively obsessed with their hobbies. Hobbies become serious endeavors. Alliances are forged, rules are written and punishments are handed down.

But when it comes to guns, this is all taken to a whole new level.

The seriousness of the “Hobby”, backed by the “Law” are combined to create a world unto its own in terms of politics, death, murder and profits.

Guns are the “Super Hobby” filling the void of responsibility that has been stolen from the modern male by our government, the banks and the industrial farming corporations.

In the end, the modern male has very little purpose. They are left confused and seeking a need.

Those running the National Rifle Association are just such people. Overly obsessed with their hobby, backed by a 200+ year old law that could have never predicted this level of technology packed into a hand held slaughtering machine.

However, the NRA are not your buddy “Jeff” who comes to your house on Sunday to watch the big game, all dressed in his team’s colors, face paint and corresponding colored mega afro wig, who ends up drinking too much, trashing your house and pissing off your wife.

The NRA is an American terrorist organization with HUGE amounts of money holding pussy ass politicians in the palm of their hands. Politicians that are regularly being threatened that they will lose their position of power (which is the one and only fear a politician holds in his/her heart) should they not bend to the will of the NRA.

When 911 happened, we changed the way we check people at airports

When hotels burn down, we add sprinkler systems

When planes crash, we improve designs

When 500 people are gunned down at a concert and 59 of them are killed, we do NOTHING!

Why? Because the biggest HOBBY in the United States out right owns the weakest politicians in the history of the country. THAT’S WHY!Reported Shooting At Mandalay Bay In Las Vegas


I have had enough of the baby boomer’s generation!

I have had enough of a generation of people that have refused to update their education since they graduated high school in the early 1960’s while the whole world has made massive technological leaps forward disproving many if not all of the scientific theories from when they got their education.


I have had enough of a generation that will only vote Red or Blue simply because that’s what they signed up for when they turned 18 back in 1961!

I have had enough of a generation that repeatedly votes for the same party without taking any time to actually learn anything about the direction the world is going, simply because their parents were Red or Blue, so they are Red or Blue.

I have had enough of a generation that only gets any new information from news outlets, Facebook or their church.

I have had enough of a generation that vehemently insists that “Their Political Party is the Right Party” as opposed to seeing that they are both criminal organizations that only pander to the ultra-rich and mega corporations while they still hold on to some fantasy of the past that the Democratic or Republican parties are still operated as if it was 1955.

I have had enough of a generation that willingly mass produced nuclear weapons that all future generations will live in the shadow of for the next 1,000 years!

I have had enough of a generation that has let Walmart be the foreign ambassador to China so that they can sell us ultra-low-quality and sometimes dangerous products while they fill their endless greed holes!

I have had enough of a generation that manufactured all the mechanisms of mass pollution and yet flat denies that any off this horrible crap is indeed poisoning the biosphere.

I have had enough of a generation that has chosen to ignore solid well-established science which proves the world’s climate is on a destructive spiraling path simply because they have made a conscience decision NOT to update their education.

I have had enough of a generation that is still pushing their bull shit religion onto their children while the scientific community has proven all religions to be mere hocus pocus all while the baby boomers scream “You can’t prove there is no after life” as a last-ditch effort to prove their dying point.

I have had enough of a generation that is still living in the Cold War era and thinks that the United States has the RIGHT to force the world to bend to its will as opposed to being part of a global community and recognizing that all people should be treated equal.

I have had enough of a generation that has run up the American national debt to the tune of 22 trillion dollars while they still force their “1950’s economic model” down our throats

I have had enough of a generation that still preaches “The American Dream” while all THEIR banks have taken our homes, enslaved us with credit, manipulated the political sphere and left us with low paying nonproductive jobs with no chance of advancement all for their own gain

I have had enough of a generation that crams “Traditional Values” in our faces, and has yet to make one decision for the future that doesn’t include them making money while totally disregarding the outcomes of their actions.

I have had enough of a generation that, in their own shortsightedness have given every manufacturing technique to China, leaving no secretes for our homeland to hold any sort of edge on our adversaries, something their parents would NEVER have done during the ww2 era!

I have had enough of a generation that preached peace and love in the 60’s only to use capitalism as a weapon to hold the whole world hostage

I have had enough of a generation that went 100% against everything their parents fought against in world war two, using the wealth of the United States as a boot on the throats of the rest of the world


I have had enough of a generation that is still so willing to use nuclear weapons and continue to develop even more ghastly technological nightmares as opposed to even considering a peaceful future.

I have had enough of a generation that has injected more religion into American politics than any generation since the pilgrims had to deal with since leaving England!

I have had enough of a generation that still leans on the accomplishments of their parents somehow trying to fool us all into believing that they had anything to do the successes of “The Greatest Generation” or that it carried over at all.

I have had enough of a generation that has publicly attacked sports figures, Rock stars, video game manufacturers and actors, painting them as “Bad Influences” while they themselves have changed laws that allow corporations to highjack our natural resources, invade our privacy and out right borrow against our future as we look on ignoring the fact that THEY are the bad influences on children and grandchildren. Monkey See, Monkey Do!

I have had enough of a generation that has cut the educational system budget every single year that they have been in power.

I have had enough of a generation that has let themselves be fooled by fake news and bull shit Facebook posts, yet will not, under any terms accept any other form of education in terms of science and proven facts if they come from people that are not in their same political party or religious background EVEN when the sources come from legitimate theaters such as published college research or conclusions from scientific experiments.

I have had enough of a generation that has no problem belching out their opinion with an “I’m Older and I’m Right” point of view, while the next generations have already wrapped their heads around that fact that this is a global community, that all people are equal regardless of race, that sexual orientation is not a limiting factor or barometer of whether a person is good or qualified to be part of society,  that religion was an ancient tool used to control the masses and that the world has been polluted through human activity.

I have had enough of a generation that has taught their children to be just as reckless with the environment and finances, while pushing their political and religious closed mindedness and prejudice on others

I have had enough of a generation that has only been successful at one thing, running the world into the ground!


It’s time to stand down and hand over the keys! I’ve had enough of your leadership!


I have lived my entire life in the shadow of a nuclear war. Almost 50 years, never knowing if, at any minute one of the dumb fucks that holds the key will finally pull the trigger and instead of our world coming closer together, the 60-80 year old’s are closer than ever to using these vile weapons!

I will never see a debt free world in my lifetime and I doubt my children will either as a DIRECT result of the decision making of the baby boomer generation!

You did not provide me with a better life that your parents gave you. You did not set my children up with a brighter future than your parents gave you.

You have, in one generation set up the world on a black path towards permanent debt, greater destructive weapons and a polluted planet that only came in YOUR LIFE TIME!

Prior to you, we had clean oceans that weren’t filled with plastic, clean(er) air and were debt free (2001).

In my opinion, the baby boomer generation is the worst generation of people that have ever lived!


Among many of the things that seriously piss me off about the Baby Boomer Generation are the answers you get when you push them on any of these subjects…

Baby Boomers will say:

“I only have so much time left, I don’t want to spent the rest of my life worrying about it all”

Well fucking thanks! Thanks for crashing the economy and fucking the environment, enjoy your retirement! Oh and one more thing, STOP FUCKING VOTING!!!! If you don’t want to hear about it, you don’t get a voice in how to fix it! Oh, and btw, your generation are also the ones who voted to cut your social security benefits AND changed the title from “Social Security” to

“God won’t let us destroy the world”

Yes, I have actually fucking heard these words, not just from Baby Boomers but from Christians! Guess what you ignorant fools, YOU ALREADY HAVE DESTROYED THE WORLD!

Any politician, who is in office today, who is 65 years or older needs to be ripped out of office at the end of a metal hook! In a perfect world they should be chucked straight into a wood chipper, but that’s another blog.


Things I learned from Heavy Metal

When I was a kid listening to the first heavy bands I came across, Queen, Zeppelin, KISS, AC/DC and others, I saw them as “International”. When the New Wave of British Heavy Metal hit the scene with Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Motorhead and others, I knew it came from “Over There…”. In school, I learned where “Over There” was, but I struggled to figure out how to get there.

I was never good in school, I struggled with my education, so I never thought I would ever make the kind of money necessary to travel abroad and see all the exotic lands that my favorite bands came from and toured in, but I thought that if I was in a band that I would have a better chance of seeing those places.

I knew from an early age that if I was going to travel and be “International” as a musician that I couldn’t hold any prejudices. As a young kid, I made lots of mistakes, did things, said things. That’s what you do when your young and that’s what you do when you never leave your block or local town. But when you start to look at the world as a whole and that there are other people and if you are lucky enough to go out and meet them, then you can’t hold any prejudices in your heart.

When I toured with my band, Cessation Of Life, it was an unbelievable pleasure to meet people from all over the United States. I was quick to learn that each State of the United States is like its own little country with its own traditions and customs. Most of which are very fun to experience. But there were times when I realized that sometimes you run into people that are not “International”. They have never experienced anyone from outside of their town. They have never traveled and cannot or will not respect others idea’s or beliefs or different skin color, sexual preference and what ever.

The more I have traveled, the more those interactions become obvious with people of lessor tolerance.

Seeing bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Sepultura and Motley Crue, I knew those bands had been around the world. I bought their tour books at the shows that listed all the tour dates and I knew they were “International”. I knew that they had shaken hands with every color and creed.

For me, it said “These people must be tolerant of other colors and religions or whatever”. I would surely read about it in magazines if they were yelling mean things from the stage or telling fans to fuck off because of their skin color. So, without anyone having to tell me that being prejudice is bad and from that fact that none of my grandparents or parents ever behaved that way, I came to the conclusion that being “International” meant being TOLERENT of others in general.

I have had the opportunity now to have traveled around most of the United States, lived in Japan, currently living in Italy and traveling around Europe, soon to be heading to China, meeting Metal Heads where ever I go and exercising the lessons I learned not just from my parents, but the lessons I learned from the bands I worshipped as a kid.

\m/ METAL \m/

Chris Violence

heavy metal

You and I have nothing in common…

An Open Letter to Donald Trump #donaldtrump

You and I could never sit at the same table. Simply put, your too much of an elitist to ever sit at a table with me.

I really don’t see the connection averaged people could possibly have to you. You have never flown on a commercial airliner or braved an airport terminal with the masses. You have never picked up a power tool, broom or rake to maintain any of your vast collection of properties. You have never stood in a line to buy food or walked through a dark neighborhood after working a 12-hour shift. You have never drunk tap water, eaten ramen noodles from a Styrofoam cup or ridden in a car that cost less than $2000.

Why? Because you were born into super wealth, which doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person, but in your case, I feel it does. I was very aware who you were as far back as the 1980’s. You were an elitist asshole then, just as you and your kids are now.

I cannot for the life of me understand why someone who is barely making ends meet think that YOU would be the answer to their problems. Why would they think that YOU would work towards improving health care for them, or the education system for them, or basic human rights for them. Your whole life has been for YOU. A selfish man who has spent a lifetime CRUSHING his competition for sport and profit all with an evil grin on your face. After all, that’s what your book “Art of the Deal” is.

The truth is, you’re the worst of the worst. The stone-cold ENEMY! Your everything I have always hated, everything I have always stood up against, everything that is wrong in this world. You’re the controlling elite with your foot on the throats of billions of people. Billions that are enslaved with debt, low paying jobs that have no chance of advancement. Enslaved by a school system that has been de-funded and gutted. You’re the leader of the very corporate system that has stolen our future for profit.

You and others like you are the enemies of all mankind.

Yeah, you and I would never sit at a table together…I don’t eat with my enemies.



It is now horribly obvious

It is now obvious that I will never live in a world of peace and calm in my life time. I have spent my entire life of nearly 50 years under the threat of annihilation. In the 70’s and 80’s it was always the “Cold War Threat”. But it’s gone way off the deep end now. Human beings are on a fatalist destiny. TV shows and movies all surround “Post-Apocalyptic” themes, “Corporate Controlled” futures, “Robot Enslaved Humanity”, “Science Run a muck” and a hundred-other dark and foreboding futures.


Heavy Metal has always been the Anti Hero of music. It’s serious subject matter and dark presence always foretold the warnings of man’s future. It was intended as a “Prevention”. An attempt to point out the horrible possibilities if we made the wrong choices.

But now we have made the wrong choices and there is little or no chance of reversing the path we are on. The corporations that are now in control will NEVER give up there power and there are no longer any “Hero’s” that can’t be bought.

Now, greedy corporate leader actually DO run the countries of the world and are creating laws and changing existing laws to benefit them. World leaders are ramping up their militaries at alarming rates. Technology and automation are quickly taking over control of vital systems. All large animals have been pressed into small tracks of land. “Wild” has nowhere left to run. The oceans are staggering under the pressure of over fishing and pollution and humanity as a whole doesn’t see this as a big enough issue to even say “Human population numbers need to be capped”.

The sheer selfishness of the human being is just astonishing. The way the modern human has both disconnected it’s self completely from all the human pioneers that were here before blows me away. The complete separation from nature is something I have trouble getting my head around.

The future is only going to get darker….Is this the future you want?



Where has our future gone?


It is becoming obvious to me that any chance of a bright future for mankind is gone. In the 1980’s there was a glimmer of hope shining through the blackness of the cold war. There was always talk that humanity would eventually scale back its weaponry and reach across the boarders to shake each other’s hand’s.

But it’s clear now that that will never happen. The pieces of shit that are running countries around the world, these old men of the baby boomer era that have but a few more years left of life are selfishly forcing the future down a path that they will never see. Through their own personal greed driven philosophy, they are making decisions that will steer not just humanity, but all other helpless life on this planet, from the largest elephant to the lowly mold. And most of these “Men” will never live to see the outcome of their decisions. Greed is now the only device steering the world and it’s a power struggle of countries to gain as much of that control as they can, at any cost. It’s now clear that humans will never work together for any grand scheme to make life for all better.

Marketing departments are working around the clock to capture more and more of your attention. Exploiting weaknesses in the human mind to reel you in with one purpose and that is to get their hands on your money. And not just to get your money, but to get you addicted to “THINGS YOU NEED” and trick you into working longer hours to earn more and more money to spend it on these “THINGS YOU NEED”. In effect, you are trading your life, in the form of unnecessary time spent at work, just so you can trade that money earned for these “THINGS”. How much do you really need? How many hours per week do you have to work to feed, clothe and house yourself? If you cut out the internet bill, cable/satellite TV bill, car payment, credit card interest rates, car insurance, cell phone monthly bill, cell phone purchase payment and all the other luxury items that are marketed to you. You would only need to spent 20-30 hours a week earning that. All these other hours spent at work are a complete waste. A hamster wheel that spins into eternity or until you are dead. After your current cell phone is paid off in two years, the next “New One” will be dangled in front of your face and your weak mind will fall for it again, spending $699, $799, $899. You will make payments for the next two years on top of the monthly access charge. All that money is a total throw away. At the end, there is nothing to show for all those hours spent at work. Other than a pile of dead technology. On average, people are paying nearly $100 per month on a cell phone and data plan, add in the cost of paying off an $800 cell phone in two years and you have lost $2000 in one year times every year. $2000 a year is a vacation!

Add in a monthly TV bill of $65 per month, that’s $780 per year and your cell bill and your throwing away almost $3K on services you don’t need and services that will never end. A hamster wheel that keeps you running and working harder than you need too.

There are things that are rarely spoken about in our modern age. One of them is the manipulation of our minds by large tech companies that are getting people addicted to their products with tiny rewards. Little endorphin releases that never stop. Humanity is moving ever faster towards an all-electric future, but it’s also an all synthetic future. And an all manipulated future.

When was the last time you went a full 24 hours without your phone?

Or a week?

Or a month?

It’s almost unthinkable…. why? Because it’s an addiction!