One man: Sheriff & Coroner of deadliest PD in USA – Bakersfield Police Department

YES, you read that right, the sheriff of the deadliest police department in the United States is also the man who signs the death certificates that dictates the cause of death!!!!

This is my story of my time dealing with the deadliest police force in the United States, the Bakersfield Police Department.

The County: the story of America’s deadliest police

I moved from Los Angeles to Kern County in July of 1999. Once settled, an ongoing story in the local news paper caught my attention. It involved the Bakersfield Police Departments use of excessive force and their “Baby Seal Award”. It was being reported that in the BFPD station, officers were being awarded the distinguished award of a stuffed animal baby seal to proudly display on their desk, if they were the most recent officer to have hit a citizen in the head with their metal baton. “to effect an arrest, prevent escape, or overcome resistance,” without specifically limiting baton strikes to the head to situations involving an imminent threat of death or serious injury to the officer or another. KCSO deputies have been caught rewarding colleagues for aggressive use of batons with a “baby seal” prize for the best clubbing. Others have modified their patrol cars with decals declaring “We’ll kick your a**” (canine cars “We’ll bite your a**.”) Source

Back in the early 2000’s there was an investigation into the so called “Baby Seal Award” that led to the reprimanding of deputies, but to my knowledge, no one was fired or punished.

While living in a small town of south of Bakersfield on the Kern County / Los Angeles border I met Officer Youngblood. He would later become Sheriff Youngblood, not only is he the sheriff of Kern county he is also the CORONER of Kern county!

Meet the man:

While living in Kern County, the local news papers continually ran articles of citizen stories of the BFPD’s epic level of police brutality (and possible murder cover up in Frazier Park). As recently as 2015 the problem in Kern County has become national news.

In 2015 a Federal investigation was opened on the department.

The subject of police brutality, threats, beating by the police, harassment and other offences by the police were regular conversations in the community when I lived there. It was an open subject that we all were aware of. And of course 100% denied by the BFPD.

To this day, Sheriff Youngblood still has his job as Sheriff and coroner. To this day, Bakersfield PD is still considered one of the most dangerous police departments in the United States. At what point is enough, enough? By simply leaving police departments like this one unchanged, we are leaving them unchallenged and by leaving them unchallenged, they will continue to abuse their position of power OVER the population, not protecting them.

Even as we have this conversation, as recently as June 10th, 2020 Sheriff Youngblood stated “I am not for a citizens review board” Watch Here

The point of this series of post’s is to show historically, that not only have the police departments around the United States engaged in criminal police brutality, they have also systematically been covering them up with their “Protect the Blue” and “Good ol’ boy” system of police unification. I am posting these stories because I had a first person experience with the situation. IMO, Youngblood is a criminal who should be relieved of his position as both sheriff and coroner and should be fully investigated and charged with the cover up he is so obviously involved in.

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