Burbank PD Sgt Suicide & FBI investigation over corruption, never forget!

Thanks to the cellphone camera, the on going game of “my word against yours” is OVER! I have experienced first hand corrupt cops, liars, abusers and police who simply don’t do their jobs when called upon. Time and time again I have struggled with the frustration of dealing with the police, both being harassed, manhandled and threatened by some blue pump monkey, brooding their chest, waving a gun and badge in my face while obviously getting off on the whole “Power Trip”. I have dedicated my entire lyrical catalog of musical recordings over the last 30+ years at fighting injustices for those without a voice. Is my music aggressive? YOUR DAMN RIGHT IT IS! Many times it’s an abstract vision of events, but it is always fighting the powers of abuse. My music is also NOT FOR CHILDREN!

This little game that the police have always played is being exposed. The game that we all know is real, but the police claim is not. Every single police officer employed today has seen it behind closed doors in the station locker room. I do believe there are many men and women that joined the police department to make a positive difference in the world and I firmly believe that every single one of those “Good Cops” ran into a wall of the “Good ol’ boy system”. Right now, there are officers on police forces across the United States that have openly celebrated criminal police brutality and have been rewarded for their brutal efforts by their superiors and peers. It’s laughable when the police departments across the country swear up and down that that is not the case.

Here is a perfect example: Burbank police officer commits suicide on public street

Burbank officer listed in FBI probe kills self
Thursday, October 29, 2009
(10-29) 20:20 PDT Burbank, Calif. (AP) —

A police sergeant who was being investigated as part of an FBI probe into police misconduct shot and killed himself on the corner of a residential street Thursday, authorities said.

Neil T. Gunn, 50, was found dead around 11:40 a.m. after he committed suicide as he stood at the junction of North Sunset Canyon Drive and East Harvard Road, the Burbank Police Department said in a statement.

Witnesses reported seeing the 22-year veteran turn the gun on himself, police said.

The FBI has confirmed it is looking into possible civil rights violations by Burbank officers and the U.S. attorney’s office has issued a grand jury subpoena for personnel records involving 12 members of the department, including Gunn, the Burbank Leader reported.

The subpoena sought records on “use of force, defensive tactics, Tasers, pepper spray, or the rules and ramifications pertaining to the use of excessive force or a violation of civil/constitutional rights.”

I bring up this specific case, because not only was I living in the area at the time, but I was very close friends with a family member of this officer. The day he committed suicide was a huge shock to his family but also a stunning proof of guilt as far as I was concerned.

His suicide ended an FBI investigation into police brutality: FBI probe of Burbank police focusing on alleged excessive force involving 12 officers 

“Among the most explosive claims were that department officials tolerated an environment in which officers commonly used slurs about race, ethnicity and sexual preference directed at them, their colleagues, suspects and the public.”

With his suicide, he both closed the investigation and allowed the “Business as usual” police work to continue. Burbank PD Sgt. Neil T. Gunn is a criminal and should be remembers as such. He covered up criminal activity within his police department and his actions, through his suicide covered up all the abuses of his fellow officers and to a lessor degree, the entire Burbank PD.

So, what can be done? Well, It starts with the police officers, in their own locker rooms and stations having an open conversation and admission that this is what has been going on and that it’s going to stop! If the police do not police themselves, than we have NOTHING. It starts with them. Continued pressure on the entire police force to weed out the dirty cops must continue and the police men and women that call out, report and speak against their fellow officer should be rewarded. This is the ONLY WAY that I can see this coming to an end.

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