New Music Updates: Heavy Industries & Downtown Rats

While locked down, I have been making the best of my time musically. Once again, I am working with Jon DuBose on two different projects.

The first one is HEAVY INDUSTRIES
Heavy Industries Small
This features Jon DuBose on bass and rhythm guitar, Jesus Alonzo on lead guitar, Gauthier Trumel on drums. These tracks have been mixed and mastered by Matheus Manente. These songs are classic Speed/Thrash Metal. If things go well, we are hoping to make music video’s for both tracks. There is a third track currently in the works that include the same line up.

There are currently two tracks available from this project:

The second project is DOWNTOWN RATS
Return to Lower Uncton
This features Jon DuBose on bass and rhythm guitar and Chris Cromelin on drums. It is being mixed and mastered by Jon DuBose. It is currently being recorded and should be out mid 2020. The genre of this album will be in the Speed Thrash/Punk vein which will also include a cover of Black Flag’s “This Is Good” as well as a few other gems.

Stay tuned, more music coming soon. – CV

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