The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is a FRAUD!

The RRHF is far and away the most disrespectful entity in music only paralleled by the Grammy’s.  The board of directors that have over seen the induction system since the RRHF began has complete and total disregard for both the musicians and the fans of Rock and Roll as well as all it’s derivatives, especially Heavy Metal.

First and foremost, their decision-making process is a complete at total FRAUD! While they ignore and disrespect the founding mothers and fathers of a genre of music that ushered in the modern world, these musicians are dying. Many musicians who will EVENTUALLY be inducted will not live to see their greatness honored. This is a crime against all Rock music fans and musicians. This ruling body, that has hijacked OUR Hall, that is meant to honor OUR Rock heroes has elevated themselves above the musicians that have created the music that has touched our souls and they have elevated themselves above the fans that love this music so dearly. The board of directors of the RRHF have no right to hold back ANY of the pioneers of this genre and by simply doing so, nullifies their legitimacy as an entity.

ALL significant musicians that may be considered should be and MUST BE voted in by the fans of this music with a simple “Threshold Vote”. Meaning any musician that receives a minimum vote by the fans, NOT THE BOARD are in! Any musician that had a landmark hand in the development of Rock and Roll should be in. The story of Rock and Rock is simply to important in the history of humanity to leave anyone out, even if it is by simply including them in the head count.

Rap, Pop, Jazz, Funk, Disco, Country and other genres are OUT! Rap music, in all its greatness has NO BUSINESS being in the ROCK and ROLL hall of fame. That genre needs to be properly respected in the Rap music hall of fame as it is having but the slightest lineage to early Rock (Elvis), Classic Rock (Beatles, Led Zeppelin), Hard Rock or Metal.

Lastly, the RRHF’s complete and utter disrespect of Heavy Metal is a SLAP in the face to the hundreds of millions of Heavy Metal fans world wide that have supported bands that have completely eclipsed bands that have already been inducted in sheer album, concert and merchandise sales. The fact that the RRHF regularly demonstrates that they are not fans of the genre of Heavy Metal and this alone is preventing so many Metal bands from being inducted proves the system is rigged, that this system is for the few and not the fans!

I personal fully boycott of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and call it out as a fraudulent, selfish organization run by people corporate executives that who simply CAN NOT understand the spirit of Rock and Roll and much like the rest of our society, have hijacked this for their own control and personal gain.