New Music: In Speed We Trust SOON!

The long awaited brand new song IN SPEED WE TRUST is almost here and will be accompanied with a music video featuring performances by Chris Violence, JonDuBose and Matheus Manente.

In man’s last hope of survival, a life boat space craft, the CV-FLT1 is on a one way mission into deep space. It’s mission: the final chance to seed the galaxy. Succeed and save the human species, fail and all of humanity is extinguished.

Chris Violence (vocals)
Jon DuBose (bass and rhythm guitar)
Matheus Manente (drums and lead guitar)
Intro production created by Danillo Battistini featuring the voices of Danilo Battistini, Fiona Thraille, Matheus Manente and Steve Blitzin.

In Speed We Trust cover Square