New Music Update 

New Music Update

It may have seemed like everything is quiet in the Chris Violence camp, but that’s far from the case. 2017 closed with Jon DuBose, Matheus Manente (who played co-leads and mix/mastered The Raven) and I are working on a brand-new track entitled IN SPEED WE TRUST, that should be released in the spring of 2018 and will be accompanied by a music video featuring all three of us. It is no small undertaking to digitally bring three musicians together from three different continents, but it is indeed being done.

The Musician line up for IN SPEED WE TRUST:

Chris Violence – Vocals, Jon DuBose – bass and rhythm guitar and Matheus Manente – drums and lead guitar. This song includes an intro production created by Danillo Battistini featuring the voices of Danilo Battistini, Fiona Thraille, Matheus Manente and Steve Blitzin.

Stay tuned, more announcements coming soon!

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