Guns and the Hobby Void

There are no denying human beings have come a long way in the last 1000 years, 100 years and even 40 years. The speed of development is simply staggering. But in the pursuit of the future, certain human traits and behaviors that have been with us for tens of thousands of years are hampering our current activity and, in my opinion, they are not being addressed.

The human male, since the dawn of time has had certain responsibilities that have be stripped from them in recent years.

Modern males no longer have the responsibility of taking care of their families. Thanks to our governments, we are supposed to leave that to the police and criminal justice system. If someone breaks into our house, we are instructed to not fight them, because “They have rights too”. Defending our family is now the responsibility of the police. As a man, my job is only to use the phone to call the people responsible for handling that for me.

Modern men are also no longer responsible for providing our families with food. In the past we foraged for food, hunted or farmed. But those jobs have also been removed from our control. Only a tiny percentage of humans now hunt for their dinner. Most humans have been forced off their farms and into large urban areas and cities so that massive industrial farming corporations can dominate the land. Working in conjunction with banks, they have successfully foreclosed on peoples properties that have been in their family for generations. These industrial super farms churn out GMO foods that are borderline poison while systematically robbing the “Men” of this world of yet another responsibility.

Lastly, shelter is now provided through large scale track home production and mortgage slavery removing yet another responsibility, providing a safe place to raise a family.

The male’s roll has then been switched to a cubical or retail position which in turn trades hours of investment into payments to the bank holding the mortgage, the industrial farm providing the food and all the other unnecessary leaches that make up the other pay check draining bills.

So, without the need to provide, the modern male has limited outlets on which to use his 20,000-year-old skills on.


Modern men have replaced all their duties / responsibilities with “Hobbies”.

  • Classic car collecting and restoration.
  • Sky diving
  • Fishing
  • Sports
  • Motorcycle riding
  • Gun collecting


The interesting thing about “Hobbies” is, men will double down on them. In the void of the “Real responsibilities” of taking care of their families, all of which have been stripped of them, they now apply the LIFE-THREATENING SERIOUSNESS of raising and feeding a family to the hobby lifestyle.

The hobby of __________ (fill in the blank) is now as serious as foraging for food, providing shelter or protecting their family.

“If you don’t ride a Harley Davidson, your shit!”
“If you’re not a Cowboys fan your shit!”
“If you don’t drive a Chevy, it’s shit”
“2nd amendment, my right to bear arms!”

This last one regarding the 2nd amendment is a very interesting one. The collecting of guns, under the muse that its “MY RIGHT UNDER THE LAW” is the ultimate in “hobbying” because its backed up by a law and not just any law. It is backed up the Constitution of the United States.

In the vacuum of “responsibilities” men become massively obsessed with their hobbies. Hobbies become serious endeavors. Alliances are forged, rules are written and punishments are handed down.

But when it comes to guns, this is all taken to a whole new level.

The seriousness of the “Hobby”, backed by the “Law” are combined to create a world unto its own in terms of politics, death, murder and profits.

Guns are the “Super Hobby” filling the void of responsibility that has been stolen from the modern male by our government, the banks and the industrial farming corporations.

In the end, the modern male has very little purpose. They are left confused and seeking a need.

Those running the National Rifle Association are just such people. Overly obsessed with their hobby, backed by a 200+ year old law that could have never predicted this level of technology packed into a hand held slaughtering machine.

However, the NRA are not your buddy “Jeff” who comes to your house on Sunday to watch the big game, all dressed in his team’s colors, face paint and corresponding colored mega afro wig, who ends up drinking too much, trashing your house and pissing off your wife.

The NRA is an American terrorist organization with HUGE amounts of money holding pussy ass politicians in the palm of their hands. Politicians that are regularly being threatened that they will lose their position of power (which is the one and only fear a politician holds in his/her heart) should they not bend to the will of the NRA.

When 911 happened, we changed the way we check people at airports

When hotels burn down, we add sprinkler systems

When planes crash, we improve designs

When 500 people are gunned down at a concert and 59 of them are killed, we do NOTHING!

Why? Because the biggest HOBBY in the United States out right owns the weakest politicians in the history of the country. THAT’S WHY!Reported Shooting At Mandalay Bay In Las Vegas