It is now horribly obvious

It is now obvious that I will never live in a world of peace and calm in my life time. I have spent my entire life of nearly 50 years under the threat of annihilation. In the 70’s and 80’s it was always the “Cold War Threat”. But it’s gone way off the deep end now. Human beings are on a fatalist destiny. TV shows and movies all surround “Post-Apocalyptic” themes, “Corporate Controlled” futures, “Robot Enslaved Humanity”, “Science Run a muck” and a hundred-other dark and foreboding futures.


Heavy Metal has always been the Anti Hero of music. It’s serious subject matter and dark presence always foretold the warnings of man’s future. It was intended as a “Prevention”. An attempt to point out the horrible possibilities if we made the wrong choices.

But now we have made the wrong choices and there is little or no chance of reversing the path we are on. The corporations that are now in control will NEVER give up there power and there are no longer any “Hero’s” that can’t be bought.

Now, greedy corporate leader actually DO run the countries of the world and are creating laws and changing existing laws to benefit them. World leaders are ramping up their militaries at alarming rates. Technology and automation are quickly taking over control of vital systems. All large animals have been pressed into small tracks of land. “Wild” has nowhere left to run. The oceans are staggering under the pressure of over fishing and pollution and humanity as a whole doesn’t see this as a big enough issue to even say “Human population numbers need to be capped”.

The sheer selfishness of the human being is just astonishing. The way the modern human has both disconnected it’s self completely from all the human pioneers that were here before blows me away. The complete separation from nature is something I have trouble getting my head around.

The future is only going to get darker….Is this the future you want?