Back to writing/recording

Work has begun on a brand new song, working once again with long time friend Jon Du Bose.

The idea for these lyrics came to me last summer and I have been tinkering with them, writing and rewriting them ever since. I passed the idea along to Jon who said he was interested in seeing if we could put it together.

I recently moved from Southern California to Naples, Italy. Which took the better part of six months when all was said and done. Some of the things I’ve been dealing with revolve around the voltage differences. I knew it would be an issue using some of my gear. But thankfully, I was able to work through it.

There are a few things I want to do differently before I record this next song.

Number one, I want to warm up my voice in a live setting, prior to laying down tracks. Since the American Ripper album in 2014, everything I have recorded (Push Button Pain, The Raven and the 3 tracks I did with Axsaena) were all recorded with out full volume warm up’s. Just headphones and a mic. I simply wrote the lyrics as I recorded it as opposed to writing, performing those lyrics live for a period of time, honing them to the music and then recording them once they have melted together.

This time around will be very different. I now have my floor monitors set up feeding me full volume, with the new music that is being written pumping through the monitors. This allows me the opportunity to scream at full power during the writing process, which is something I haven’t done since 2012.

I have also been vocalizing to about 40 minutes worth of music per day, screaming songs from the American Ripper album and the Axsaena tracks to really get the power back.

Interestingly, even though I haven’t actually stepped out onto a stage in 6 years, my vocal strength and power is still all there. Maybe 85-90%. I can already see, with a little time and effort, I should be running with full afterburners in no time.

Which brings me back to this new song…

There is no time frame, no planned date. Probably some special guests. Jon and I are in daily communication, hammering out idea’s.  Looking forward to getting this out to the world.

Keep Thrashin’ \m/\m/


CV in Europe
Chris Violence atop the Eiffel Tower, Paris France