That moment in history all over again

That moment in history all over again.

A mere 75 years ago, just the length of my father’s life, the length of one human life, the world was fighting Adolf Hitler in what was considered one of the darkest times in modern history. Nearly every reference to the name Adolf Hitler has been mirrored with a “What If” statement. Throughout my life, I have watched movies, TV shows and even video games make references to a world “that might have been”, if there was no such thing as Adolf Hitler.

Following the collapse of Wall Street in 1929 and the great depression that followed (brought on by man’s greed and theft by the way) the United States was crawling its way back. Where could it and the rest of the world have climbed too if Hitler and his hatred had not run the world into war and set it on a path that split all the nations into fragments, building up the cold war and eventually to where we are now. For obvious reasons, we will never know, but that question and has been raised over and over again. This one man, Hitler, negatively impacted the world so horrifically, that it’s legacy will be one of those turning points of which we can never recover from. Mankind will continue down this alternate path never knowing what it’s “Unified Potential” could have been. And yet time and time again, I have heard in my life time “What if we could go back in time and KILL HITLER!” Would it make any difference? Would humanity still develop his technology to move forward without it all based on weaponization and use it to honestly help make people’s lives better? It has been proposed countless times “If we had a time machine, we could go back and kill Hitler to set the path straight”. But, again, for obvious reasons, this can’t been done. But for a moment, just think. All it would have taken was for any one of his guards to have simply raised a pistol to the back of his head and any time in all those years and blown his brains out. Someone just standing strong and saying, “This needs to be done”.

And yet, we are here again. One man, a VILE MAN, is steering humanity in ways no single human being should be able to do.  We are currently on the presuppose yet again. This is that very moment, that 75 years from now humans will look back on and say “Fuck, we should have KILLED that son of a bitch!”. This is the black on the edge of the chasm of which we are all now falling into. Like with the future that Adolf Hitler so selfishly cast us into, Donald Trump now does the same. But unlike with Hitler, one bullet will not stop the atrocities that are taking place right now. It would need to be enough bullets to kill the entire Republican party and the entire distorted version of the modern Christian faith that is the driving force behind their greed.

What humanity is looking at, with Paul Ryan, Mike Pence and Donald Trump is the Great White Christian Reich. There is NO difference between this level of “Religious ‘Values’ Politics” and Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. There is NONE!

The men running the United States at this very moment are the enemies of the future. They are the greatest slave owners in history and they have only one purpose and that is to STEAL THE LAST TINY BIT OF MONEY that is left in the United States and then exit it as it falls.

It will be this very fork in the road, this moment RIGHT NOW that will be the next great lesson that will be spoken about in the “After”, in the “Post American Era”, in the “Collapse”.

I will not see the other side of these men’s actions. I will not live long enough to see the crimes these men are committing reversed. I don’t believe there is a brighter future. The future is BLADE RUNNER. The future is MAD MAX. The future is the choking blackness of a dying corpse. The future is all plants and other animals fighting to stay alive in spite of the human plague at is determined to drag them all down with it.

Right now, is the end of nature. Every breath of air you breath, no matter where you stand on this planet, now has some level of pollutants in it. Every ounce of ocean water and every glass of water you drink has some level of man made contamination. Every handful of surface soil tests positive for lead, a left over from burning leaded gasoline in automobiles of the 1970’s. All the food you eat has been altered in some fashion, even if you grow that food yourself, you are using seeds you bought which have been modified over the last 50 years. Everything you see on a glass embedded screen like the one you are using to read this can manipulate what goes into your eyes, all the sounds you hear like the music I make is all synthetic. All your surroundings, from the city to the plowed fields of the countryside have all be touched by man, leaving “No Stone Un-turned”.  NATURE IS DEAD and the men who are ringing the last gasps out of it still have their hands around its neck.

I think it’s time to do the same to them! AT ANY COST! They want Black, lets give’m BLACK!