Divided Lines

Science has already proven that humans are basically prewired to be one side or the other in terms of political and religious views. Fighting your point to the opposition is not only a waste of time, it’s a fast way to lose a friend, family member or even your teeth.

This is probably the most agonizing part of watching people in this modern world. A friend of mine once said “They put curtains on polling booths for a reason”. And that’s very true. Just 30 years ago people knew better than to argue about who you were voting for. You simply pulled the curtain back, threw the switch and got a little sticker that said ‘I Voted”.

But today, with the good ‘ol internet, everyone thinks their going to convert the other side. And while the masses play that game, the old adage “Divide and Conquer” rings ever truer.

The question you may want to ask yourself is not what team you root for politically or which version of the “God” you were taught about, but more about what you can do to change this world on your own.

It doesn’t seem like there is much that a single person can do, but there are a few things your in control of…

  1. Looking at the political world, regardless of what side your on, you may feel helpless. You can’t take on the whole system. But you can pick out one political leader, be it a congressman, senator, governor, mayor or local city planner and focus on just them. Learn about them, get their contact information and focus your energy like a laser. Make sure they know who you are. Pound them to the very edge of what is legal. Counter them on twitter and facebook. Find other citizens with similar political views (fuck trying to convert the nonbelievers) and build a team to work on that one person. Hammer them repeatedly day after day, month after month, year after year and once they know you are there THREATEN THEM WITH REMOVAL FROM OFFICE! Make them understand that you will do everything in your power, with your organizational ties to haul them out of office and end their political career AND THEIR INCOME! Make them understand that the plush lifestyle they have come to enjoy will come to an abrupt end if they don’t start putting the people before the corporation. Because in the end, politicians are only afraid of one thing and that is losing that seat and power. Corporations and lobbyists are also threatening them with the very same thing. That’s why politician’s fold to the will of corporations (that and the fat cash they get). Politicians rely on the fact that everyone in society is so divided right now. But if you pick just ONE, you can HAMMER THEM LIKE THE HEAD OF A NAIL!
  2.  If your sick of the vile behavior of religious fanatic’s in this modern world, simply don’t teach religion to your children. That’s it! Look, ancient religions deserve props for helping humanity get out of the dark ages. The 10 commandments were good basic rules that kept people from stealing and killing, but this is the modern world and we are a modern people. If you are the parents of children right now, would you give them a computer from 1998 with Windows 95 on it? Do you think teaching them how to use that computer would give them a competitive edge to survive in this modern age (assuming you give a fuck about your kids and want them to be successful). By simply not passing that old bull shit to your kids, you stop this perpetual nonsense and in one generation of humans it’s gone! DONE! This is something you control. You hold the cards. You can still teach your children to be good people and respect others. After all, that is your job as a parent!
  3. The most important thing any person can do in the modern world is be a decent person to the stranger next to you. We live in a world that’s easy to snipe people from behind a keyboard or flip someone off from our little metal and glass coffins while we speed down the highway. Always remember that the people at the other end of the screen or in the other car is being crushed under the same weight as you. By not leaving a shitty comment on YouTube or by simply letting someone merge in traffic EVEN IF THEY DIDN’T USE A TURN SIGNAL without blowing a fucking gasket are things you can do that makes things better. Wake up, look in the mirror every day and say “I’M NOT GOING TO BE A FUCKING DICK TODAY!

We are now at the end of the old world. We are at the end of boarders. The end of purebred humans. The future will be without boarders and will mixed bl0od lines, skin colors and sexual preferences. There is no reason for you to worry about what the person next to you on the train is doing with their genitals in their personal time any more than they should worry about what you do with yours. You have no right to push your religious, political or sexual preferences on others. By simply turning off the news and stepping side, you will find in as little as a few days, that your mind will clear and your tolerance of others will calm and in turn your own happiness will improve.

If you focus your energies in the right direction, you can gain more control over your own life and your world instead of trying to take on the whole fight alone.