Autopsy Report features CHRIS VIOLENCE


The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show No 636 – 4th – 10th July 2016

This week’s Autopsy Report features CHRIS VIOLENCE courtesy of ONLINE METAL PROMO along with a host of other skull crushing bands so tune in and prepare to be dissected!!!

This week’s playlist:

Necromancing the Stone – The Siren’s Call
Avenger of Blood – Instruments of Chaos
The Devils Music – Can You Hear Me
Cradle Of Filth – Nocturnal Supremacy
The Infernal Sea – Entombed in Darkness
Necronautical – Nihilartikel
Chris Violence – Push Button Pain
Angerhead – Legacy of Hate
The Gashers – Cannibalistic Cows
Rapheumets Well – Resurrecting the Blood Gate
Dream Aria – 11th Hour
The Offering – Rat King
Beyond Salvation – The Escapist
Seven Main Sins – Cemetery Of Accursed Souls
Tephros – Buried in Oblivion
As I May – Disease
Preludio Ancestral – El Vuelo del Dragón
Obey – Gutless
Exsecutor – Phantom 96
Accept – Balls To The Wall