Chris Violence on Metal Up Your Axe Vol. 2

The Chris Violence song PUSH BUTTON PAIN is now part of the Metal Up Your Axe Vol. 2 compilation

Metal Up Your Axe Vol. 2 with unreleased songs up for free download

Since ONLINE METAL PROMO and THE AUTOPSY REPORT radio show (UK) have partnered to offer “Metal Up Your Axe, Vol. 2” and shared the link with me I’m glad to be able to give you guys out there a brand new free download compilation.

This big package features not less but 41 tracks of really kicking bands which will give you a great time if you dare to pick up all of the tracks.

If that wouldn’t be already reason enough to be more than happy this sampler includes three tracks which weren’t released anywhere else before. I won’t spoiler your enjoyment. Just have a look at the tracklisting PDF file which you can find in the Dropbox folder. It features extensive information on all the tracks and gives you quick access to all the things you might want to know about the songs.
Metal Up Your Axe Vol.2

So without any further talking pick up your free package of metal happiness from this location.

If you ask yourselves now if it’s worth the download – here’s one of the tracks. It’s the official video for the song “No mercy” of the band Flames Of Fury which is included on the sampler. I hope this will convince you to pick up the song pack.

“Metal Up Your Axe, Vol. 2” is a free digital download music compilation featuring a mix of 41 past, current and unreleased original songs from established and up and coming rock & metal bands from the United States, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria.

Bands featured on the compilation include:
1. Alsatia
2. Angerhead
3. Azrael’s Bane
4. Blasted To Static
5. Broken Teeth
6. Canedy
7. Chris Violence
8. Corners of Sanctuary
9. Diamond Lane
10. Dire Peril
11. Dreadnaught
12. Empires of Eden
13. Enceladus
14. Eternal Voyager
15. Flames of Fury
16. HailMary
17. Helion Prime
18. Ignitor
19. Jessikill
20. Knightmare
21. Lords of the Trident
22. Love & War
23. Malice
24. Maxxxwell Carlisle
25. Outlaws & Moonshine
26. Phallax
27. Rabid Assassin
28. RebelHot
29. Seventh Calling
30. Shallow Ground
31. Sorizon
32. St. James
33. Stop Stop
34. Strikeforce
35. The Rods
36. TwentyDarkSeven
37. Unbound
38. Vanlade
39. Viron
40. Zar
41. Zephaniah

Check out The Autopsy Report radio show official website for more details about their show and also have a look at the Online Metal Promo webpage to get more information about this promotion agency.