New Music for 2016

Back to making Metal!

After taking 5 months off to travel, spend time with my family and suffer through the holiday’s, it’s time to get back to making Metal.

I am currently working on a few different projects. A completed song featuring the same line up from the American Ripper album featuring Jon DuBose, Jamie Page and myself is finished and will be released soon as well as a MONSTROUS 24+ minute track featuring Jon DuBose and Maxxxwell Carlisle. It features and interesting lyrical surprise.

Aside from that, I have started working with Zoltan Petres of AXZAENA. I have laid down vocals for one track and we are already talking about doing some more work together. Expect that to be released some time in the spring.

I also have an upcoming interview on METAL DEVASTATION RADIO to talk more about what’s going on behind the scene’s in the CV camp. More details on that coming soon.