Chris Violence on ONLINE METAL INFERNO 3

The Autopsy Report ONLINE METAL INFERNO 3 – 2nd – 8th February 2015

ONLINE METAL PROMO IS BACK… (as Arnie might say) with another Online Metal Inferno. In fact, this is ONLINE METAL INFERNO 3, an event so huge that it has to be typed in CAPS. How can there possibly be a third such extravaganza, full of bands from the Online Metal Promo roster? Well that’s easy, they sent us the music so we’re playing it. Hasta La Vista Baby. And what’s with all this Terminator stuff? What can we say? We love terminator movies. Tune in…

This week’s playlist:

Lords of the Trident – Winds of the Storm
Canedy – Cult of the Poisoned Mind
Diamond Lane – Hopeless Romantic
Maxxxwell Carlisle – Visions of Speed and Thunder
Zephaniah – The Lone Warrior
Vanlade – Iron Age
Corners of Sanctuary – Revenge
Witchcross – The Eyes of Lucifer
Alsatia – Eternia
Crimson Reign – Zaricco
Ravensthorn – Summoning of the Dark Ones
Automaton – Age of the Smokestacks
Ron Keel – My Bad
Dire Peril – Space Invaders
Empires of Eden – Architect of Hope
Skinner – Orphans Of Liberty
Heaven Comes Down – When Will It End
Chris Violence – Fuck Shit Up

OMP-TAR OMI# - 020215