Chris Violence on The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show

The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show 5th – 11th January 2015
Dear Teacher…

Please excuse Gramie from Show this week as he has a cold and it makes his voice sound funny. Well, funnier than usual. I assure you Gramie did not write this note or forge my signature. Besides, he hasn’t brought his kit so please don’t make him do it in his underpants… again.

But seriously, a re-run isn’t the way we wanted to start the new year, but Gramie really has lost his voice a bit. On the bright side it’s a very good re-run and also has a picture of a pretty girl who is naked and holding a sword. What’s not to love? Read on and Happy New Year…

Online Metal Promo and The Autopsy Report presents ONLINE METAL INFERNO 2… which means there’s already been a first one. You’ll know that if you’ve been paying attention. But whether you have or not, prepare for two hours of pure heavy metal played in the old way from purist promoters ONLINE METAL PROMO. So sharpen your swords and polish your axe, it’s time to head for the battlefield and wave that metal flag, bathe in the blood of your enemies and of course… tune in.

This week’s playlist:

Cage – Door To The Unknown
Skinner – Orphans Of Liberty
Vanlade – Blood Eagle
Seventrain – Carry The Cross
Lords of the Trident – Face Of The Enemy
Joe Stump – Man Your Battlestations
Ignitor – Heavy Metal Holocaust
Chris Violence – American Ripper
Hellscream – VII (Seven Sins)
Enceladus – Darkened Aura
Archetype – The Thoughts That Bind
Dire Peril – Astronomical Minds
Witchcross – The Eyes of Lucifer
Diamond Lane – Kiss The Ring
Ravensthorn – Summoning of the Dark Ones
Zephaniah – Blackbeard’s Revenge
Death Dealer – Curse Of The Heretic
Maxxxwell Carlisle – Visions of Speed and Thunder

Prepare to be dissected.

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