What are the qualifications of Religious Leaders?

I want to know what education religious Leaders have. Priests, Rabbis, Ministers. All these people have massive congregations of people and they are teaching others on subjects I don’t feel they are qualified to speak.

Just think about this for a moment.  The “Religious” people are teaching from ancient texts and books that are long since outdated and people are sending their children to these Priests, Rabbis and Ministers to be educated all while these very same Priests, Rabbis and Ministers are ignoring everything we as a global civilization have learned in the last 2000 years!

Would you send your son or daughter to school to take a computer class that only teaches them DOS programing or Windows 3.1 from 1991? That would be completely ridiculous. You wouldn’t send your kids into the world knowing they don’t have the most current computer skills. So why in the world would you let them be taught something so out of date and irrelevant as a 2000 year old dying religion?

It just makes no sense at all….

If you want your offspring to be successful and survive in the modern age, then you must give them the tools to do so.

Modern humans need to be accepting of others. This is something NO religion preaches. Instead, it’s about hating others. Right off the bat…hate the ones that don’t worship the same as you. Next, hate other races, hate gays, hate mixed marriages, hate a womans right to choose (abortion). These are all things that have nothing to do with the people spewing their religious beliefs on others. They have the right to choose for themselves, but they want to choose for you! Just saying it sounds ridiculous and outdated and yet Priests, Rabbis and Ministers are preaching this garbage as you read this. All based on books from a time long since passed.

The answer is so simple….you don’t have to pick up a gun, you don’t have to vote or protest in the street. Simply teach your children the difference between right and wrong and enforce it. Don’t pass the religious hatred down to your kids. Just simply raise them to be good people and make sure they get an education.

By simply breaking this unnecessary religious chain, in time, maybe a 100 years from now or even less, the world will be free of the filthy wars and hatred that is dumped on us thanks to religion.

In the US there is freedom of religion, but there is no freedom from it. But by simply doing this you can insure a better future for ALL, not just the ridiculous idea of “Gods Chosen Few”.