The Heaviest Album I have Ever Made.

The new album I am working on with Jon DuBose and Jamie Page is easily the heaviest record I have ever made for a lot of reasons.  It covers a greater range of Metal styles and pushes hard on the throttle.

First and foremost, it’s a Thrasher’s album. Jon and I spoke many times about the energy level I wanted to achieve and there is no question we have delivered in that department.  As of right now, there are 8 tracks totalling nearly 45 minutes worth of music.

Although primarily Thrash, we dipped into the Doom category a few times and pushed the envelope off the table with some extreme Death Metal as well. The layout and flow of the album is really making me happy as well. The songs flow in and out of each other well and I think there is a good balance of production mixed into the songs.

I have 2 more songs to sing on, finish vocals on a 3rd and then it’s on to mixing and mastering. Once we get closer, I will leak some samples out via Kosher Metal and Facebook.

More to come!