What we are offended by is really, for the most part up to us.

If our parents taught us to be offended because of the differences in someone elses race, religion, background or nationality, then in a way you are predisposed to being offended by someone elses differences because of what someone else told you.

But that doesn’t mean you’re forced to be offended because of what you were taught.

You can also make up your own mind.

Choosing what and what not to be offended by is really up to you. If you choose to not be offended by comments about your car or your clothes, but do choose to be offended by comments about your favorite sporting team, or national flag colors then you have decided that is a line that can not be crossed.

But what if you just let it roll off your back…after all, words are just words.

Blowing up because someone called you a name or sleared your side of a political argument or your religion and your reaction is to be offended by it then you may be setting yourself up for an unnecessary conflict.

In every situation you face you have to decide “Am I Offended?”

Being offended is also an easy way to describe what HATE really is.

Do you hate because someone really wronged you?

Or do you hate because you chose to be offended?

If you chose to be offended and hate was the outcome, chances are, you missed out on a chance to know a quality person. If you could have only looked past the “Offenses”.